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We are thrilled to have the following Hispanic serving community and faith-based organizations as part of the Latino Best Start initiative. If you would like information about the Latino Best Start programs offered by these partners, please contact us on this website and we would be happy to get back in touch with you.

Center for Latina Maternal and Family Health Research

The Center for Latina Maternal and Family Health Research at the University of Houston is built on a community-academic partnership model to contribute to the field relevant and usable research on Latina Maternal and Child Health; develop and evaluate promising practices; advocate for improved Latina Maternal and Child Health planning and programming; and to fill the void on the national discourse of Latina Maternal and Children’s Health.

The goal of the Center is to create health equity through:

  • Supporting informed discourse on Latina Maternal and Child Health within the public health sector and in the Latino advocacy/service sector
    • Increasing the quality and quantity of community-academic led Latina MCH research
  • Populating the field with Latina Maternal and Child Health data and resources
    • Supporting accessible data for analysis and community consumption
    • Promoting both aggregated and disaggregated data for Latinos in national health data
  • Promotion data driven program development
    • Programing that is culturally co-created and linguistically appropriate
    • Programming that includes extended family


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